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Welcome to the Kids' Korner

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Hannibal Dental Group wants to help you keep your teeth beautiful for life. We’ve practiced dentistry for the whole family since 1962, cleaning teeth and keeping smiles bright for a lifetime! Healthy teeth start at home, and it’s important that you brush and floss your teeth every day.

You may meet Dexter, the Hannibal Dental Group dog, at your school. One of our friendly dental professionals can show you how to brush your teeth the right way, and for how long, using Dexter and a big toothbrush!

Make sure you eat healthy foods and come to your family dentist at Hannibal Dental Group for regular checkups and special cleanings to keep your smile looking great. Learn about our kid-friendly care.

Learn about the right way to brush your teeth for a strong, healthy smile.

Find out how cavities are formed in teeth.

Sing along with Elmo in the Teeth Brushing Song!

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