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Teeth Whitening Hannibal

Think about how you’ll feel knowing that your beautiful smile is as white as it can be. With our Hannibal Smiles teeth whitening program, we can help turn your dream smile into reality. 

Since 1962, we’ve delivered full-service family dentistry to people of all ages and with all kinds of unique needs, creating thousands of healthy, beautiful smiles. We can also create a whiter, brighter smile for you.

Our professional whitening program is safe and effective. Research indicates that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is completely safe for your teeth and gums. Results are usually seen in the first week. 

After that, we’ll design a maintenance program for you, to make sure your new smile is always as bright as it can be. That’s the HDG Smiles assurance.

Everyone can benefit from our professional whitening program. It all starts with an initial consultation. We’ll perform a thorough oral examination and diagnosis. If you have healthy, unrestored teeth, chances are you’ll be an ideal candidate for our teeth whitening. 

After your exam, we create a custom-fit appliance that’s worn over your teeth for no more than one hour per day at your convenience, as the custom-fit tray is hardly visible and does not interfere with speech.

We make it easy to have a whiter, brighter smile – an HDG Smile. Call Hannibal Dental Group in Hannibal, Missouri to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today at (573) 221-1227. You may also request an appointment using our online form.

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